Welcome to the Central Laser Facility

The Central Laser Facility (CLF) is a partnership between its staff and the large number of members of UK and European universities who use the specialised laser equipment provided to carry out a broad range of experiments in physics, chemistry and biology.

We hope these web pages can convey some of the excitement and achievement of this community.

Latest News

  • 03 August 2016

    Laserlab EU Training Weeks

    The CLF is organising a dedicated EU event based on our annual Training Weeks which have been run in the CLF for ~ 15 years. The two week course will be held between 21st November and 2nd December 2016....
  • 04 July 2016

    Band gap control of a two-dimensional semiconductor

    An international collaboration working on Artemis has shown how the electronic properties of a two-dimensional semiconductor, MoS2, layered on graphene can be controlled by light...
  • 25 May 2016

    Designer nanomaterials caught by laser Octopus

    Researchers using the CLF's Octopus facility have discovered a new way of observing designer nanomaterials - materials that are 400 times smaller than a human hair...


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