The Vulcan 10 PW project external design review

The Vulcan 10PW project Facility design cover

The Vulcan 10 PW OPCPA project aims to upgrade the Vulcan laser located at the Central Laser Facility (CLF) to beyond the 10 PW power level and provide focussed intensities of greater than 1023 Wcm-2 to its international user community.

This will be achieved by generating pulses with energies of 300J and with durations less than 30fs.

The project is now into its second phase, during which the project team at the CLF has been working on the development of design for the Facility.

This detailed work has culminated with the production of the Facility Design Report. This report details the laser system architecture, experimental areas layout and configurations, engineering systems and building extension design to house the associated equipment and support the long term user programme.

On 11th November 2010 the Vulcan Facility Design Report was presented to an international external review panel comprising:

  • Prof Roland Smith - Imperial College London
  • Dr Nick Hopps - AWE Aldermaston
  • Dr Erhard Gaul - University of Texas at Austin
  • Prof Stefan Karsch - Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik

This panel was asked to provide an independent assessment of the technical design and asses the suitability of the facility design to deliver the project objectives. The outcome of the review was very positive with the panel finding

"The technical design, its scientific underpinning and capabilities of the RAL team to be fundamentally sound, fit for purpose and well matched to the end user requirement."

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