Studying a biological sample Studying a biological sample

Welcome to the Functional Biosystems Imaging (FBI) group web pages.

The FBI group is the home of the OCTOPUS imaging cluster. This is an advanced imaging facility operating together with the Molecular Structural Dynamics group.

A range of multicolour light sources give unprecedented flexibility to combine multiple beams, multiple colours, and timing capabilities. OCTOPUS offers a range of imaging techniques including multidimensional single molecule microscopy, confocal microscopy (FLIM, FRET, and multiphoton), and optical profilometry.

The modular nature of OCTOPUS allows the development and exploitation of new advanced imaging techniques as they become available, to address grand challenges in the life sciences area.

The imaging science programme is supported with access to other techniques such as Optical Tweezers and access to the facilities of the MSD group. Biological laboratory facilities and expertise in sample preparation are in integral part of the FBI’s activity.

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