Laser beamlines

High average power Ti:sapphire drive laser

Artemis provides three ultrafast, synchronised laser beamlines which can be configured flexibly either to generate XUV or as pump and probe pulses spanning the UV to far infrared. The core of the facility is a 30 fs, 1 kHz Ti:Sapphire CPA system operating at 780 nm (RedDragon from KMLabs). A recent upgrade to the second amplifier stage has increased the maximum output power to >13 W. The laser has two grating compressors, allowing us to optimise pulse durations of pump and probe beams independently.

Few-cycle pulses

Part of the output energy of the laser can be split and spectrally broadened in a gas-filled hollow fibre and recompressed using chirped mirrors. We have shown that we can produce pulses down to 7 fs with energies of 0.5 mJ.

Tuneable pulses

The Artemis tuneable OPA system (HE-Topas)
The Artemis tuneable OPA system (HE-Topas)

Tuneable pulses spanning the spectral range from 235 nm to 15 microns are provided by an optical parametric amplifier (HE-Topas from Light Conversion). This is pumped with up to 8 mJ of the output from the laser system. At 1300 nm, we have achieved pulse energies of up to 1 mJ with a 40 fs pulse duration, enabling focused intensities exceeding 1014 Wcm-2 .

Pulse energies in excess of 100 microJ at 250 nm and 2 microJ at 20 microns can be obtained. The shot-to-shot energy stability of the output is ~3% rms.

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