Octopus Laser Systems

Coherent Mira F900D Coherent Mira F900D

OCTOPUS offers the following laser sources:

  • Two Femtosecond Near infra red (NIR) Titanium sapphire (Coherent Mira F900D) lasers pumped by a 18W 532nm Verdi laser. - This allows us to tune from 690-1050 nm with more than 1.2W across the whole tuning range. The NIR wavelength can be frequency doubled, through a BBO crystal to give wavelengths of 345-530 nm. The laser can be made to operate in both femtosecond and picosecond mode. An OPO (APE-Coherent) allows tunability from 225nm to 675nm.

  • Coherent Mira OPO and Inrad 5-050 Ultrafast SHG/THG. - Allows tuning from 520-640 and 400-500 nm. Maximum output powers of 408 mW at 545 nm and 107 mW at 440 nm. 200 and 100 fs pulses at repetition rate of 76 MHz.

  • Range of smaller laser systems - Including two Fianium Supercontinuum Fibre Lasers and a range of CW laser systems for multicolour excitation in confocal and single molecule microscopes
Laser Wavelength (nm) Maximum Available Power (mW) Time Structure
PTI IQ4C 445 445 25 CW
Melles Griot 35-LAL-415 Ar+ 488 145 CW
NLC 800GL 514 100 CW
LCS-DTL-317 532 50 CW
PTI IQ4C 693 693 17.5 CW
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