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Knowledge Exchange

LSF Knowledge Exchange Activites

LSF has a strong track record of applying the results of its innovative research in Knowledge Exchange area, thus ensuring a high return on UK’s investment into science and strengthening UK’s international competitiveness.

Knowledge exchange activities take up multiple forms and include:

  • Provision of expertise and beamtime at LSF facilities
  • Generation of Intellectual Property through its scientific research (new patents, know-how)
  • Licensing of IP
  • Formation of new spin-out companies in close partnership with STFC Innovations Ltd
  • Marketing niche equipment developed through its advanced research programmes
  • Training of next generation of scientists (e.g. PhD and post-doctoral research associates)
  • Participating in the development of Harwell Science and Innovation Campus and working in partnership with its residents

The LSF presently supports two STFC’s spinouts:

Cobalt (link opens in a new window): A new spinout launched in 2008 to commercialise novel laser spectroscopy techniques developed at LSF’s ultrasfast laser facilities through a programme of scientific research yielding 8 patent filings. The new technology is applicable in a wide range of areas including process control in pharmaceutical industry and security screening.
L3 Technology (link opens in a new window): A spinout of the former Synchrotron Radiation Department at Daresbury Laboratory developing advanced spectroscopy instrumentation for accurate tests of cholesterol levels in blood. It has recently secured a second round investment of £1.75m, enabling the company to commercialise its patented technology that will provide rapid point of care cholesterol testing with laboratory accuracy.
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