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Access to ULTRA, OCTOPUS and EPSRC Laser Loan Pool

Disposal of Retired EPSRC Laser Loan Pool Equipment

With the closure of the EPSRC Laser Loan Pool all of the laser systems will be offered to the higher educational research community in the UK (laser details and conditions below). We invite applications from the community to obtain one or more laser systems. The following criteria apply:

  • Applications must fall within the RCUK remit.
  • There is no requirement to hold a current grant. 
Applications will be reviewed, by members of STFC’s existing Panels, on scientific merit and benefit to the applicant’s research programme.

Applicants should provide a scientific case which addresses the following points:

  • the scientific aims and relevance that the laser would have on the applicant’s research programme • the ability to support the laser system in the coming years 
  • the provision of suitable laboratories to accommodate the laser system. 

Each scientific case must:

  • be no more than three sides A4, including references and figures, font size 10 minimum 
  • have an additional cover sheet stating PI name, contact details, and system(s) applied for 
  • have a filename PI surname_institute_loanretirement2015 (eg clark_stfc_ loanretirement2015). 

Please email proposals to laserloanpool@stfc.ac.uk with subject “Loan Pool Retirement 2015”.

For further details please contact Dr Ian Clark (ian.p.clark@stfc.ac.uk, 01235 446807).


Further details can be found in this PDF document (PDF - 30kB - link opens in a new window).


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