Private Transport

Users bringing their own car/transport may claim a mileage rate and passenger allowance for travel between their institute, the laboratory and their accommodation. Claims for other journeys must first be authorised by the Target Area Co-ordinator or Laboratory Manager.


Wherever possible, users should use the local buses to travel between their accommodation and the laboratory. Information and timetables can be obtained from the Facilities User Office.


The nearest railway station is Didcot Parkway. There is a bus service between the station and RAL. A taxi may be used out of hours provided a prior arrangement has been made through the Facilities User Office (see under taxis).


Taxis may be used out of hours and on Sundays and must be booked, wherever possible, through the Facilities User Office. The following information is required - date, time, pick-up point, destination and reason for the visit.

For taxis from Didcot Parkway please go to the rank, take the first taxi in the queue and pay the driver. You should ensure that you obtain a receipt. A claim for the cost may then be submitted to the User Office.

If travel from the laboratory is outside office hours, and the departure time is unknown, an 'open booking' will be made. Security may then be contacted later to book a time, on extension 5545.

Wherever possible, bookings must be made before 16.00 on Monday to Thursday and before 15.00 on Friday.

Please note that it generally takes 15 to 20 minutes for a taxi to arrive. This can be much longer at peak periods.

The transport section, security wardens and staff at The Cosener's House are not authorised to organise taxis unless an open booking has already been made.

Hire Car

A hire car may be requested if a reduction in transport costs can be demonstrated.

All drivers will require a permit to drive, for which a copy of each driving licence must be faxed or sent to the Facilities User Office. At least 24 hours notice of the hire period is required.

As they are hired for business purposes, hire cars must not be used for personal travel, apart from in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, the driver is responsible for any extra costs incurred, including any insurance excess costs in the case of an accident.


Air travel may be provided for users travelling a long distance to the laboratory, e.g. from Scotland or Northern Ireland. To minimise costs and increase the choice of flights, users must submit their travel plans via the online Travel and Accommodation booking system (link opens in a new window)as soon as possible. You will need a username and password to access this site - please contact the Facilities User Office if you do not already have these.

The nearest airport to RAL is Heathrow Airport, and the Facilities User Office can advise on transport between Heathrow and the laboratory.

Travel Insurance

The laboratory does not provide travel insurance, and, therefore, please check with your institute that you have adequate insurance cover for yourself, your belongings and equipment.


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