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CLF Safety

CLF Responsibilities

John Collier, the Director of the CLF, is responsible for all safety matters within the department and through him responsibility rests with line management.  Every supervisor must take such executive actions necessary to safeguard the personnel (whether visitors from universities and other organisations, contractors or employees) under their supervision.  Supervisors also have a duty to ensure that adequate consultation with employees and their Safety Representatives is carried out regarding specific local issues, involving the Department Safety Committee where necessary.

All personnel (whether visitors from universities and other organisations, contractors or employees) who work at the CLF have a responsibility to take reasonable care to avoid injury to themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.  All personnel have a duty to co-operate with line management to achieve a healthy and safe workplace, must comply with safety rules and standards of RAL and the CLF, must refrain from any intentional or reckless acts which adversely affect safety and must inform CLF management of any dangerous situations and shortcomings in health and safety arrangements.

For particular hazards present in the CLF responsible and authorised persons have been appointed. Each area of the CLF has an appointed Area Manager who has overall responsibility for the safe operation of the area. They appoint Area Safety Co-ordinators and deputies. All authorised persons, Area Managers and Area Safety Co-Ordinators are listed in the full CLF Safety Package.

The Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Group has advisory and executive functions to assist managers and employees on aspects of safety protection as laid out in the Word (Word document - 708kB - link opens in a new window) and PDF (PDF - 625kB - link opens in a new window) versions.

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