Electrical safety

There is inevitably electrical equipment in most areas of the CLF. These can be high voltage, high stored energy or high current electrical devices. They may well be in close proximity to cooling water or optical adjusters. Care must be taken at all times when working with electricity. Electrical shocks can kill or cause severe personal injury.

You must not work or attempt to work on any electrical apparatus without contacting the Authorised Person for the area containing the apparatus. This person is listed on the Area Safety Card.

All high voltage apparatus must be registered with Safety Section if it exceeds 5 mA/5 Joule.

Everyone using electrical apparatus must be aware of the shut-down procedures to render that apparatus safe.

All Portable Electrical Equipment (such as laptops and power supplies) on site must be tested / inspected at RAL and the correct label attached prior to use. This includes items not owned by the laboratory. Items should only be used for the purpose for which they are intended and in the environment for which they were designed and constructed.

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