Working at height

Falls from height result in a lot of injuries every year in the UK. The first aim should be to avoid working at height if possible.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 require that before working at height (which includes working above large trenches and pits), a competent person undertakes a risk assessment to establish whether the work can be avoided, or whether there is an existing safe place of work that could be used. If neither option is reasonably practicable, duty holders must then select suitable work at height equipment, giving priority to collective fall protection over personal fall protection measures.

Where users have established that work at height cannot be avoided and that there is not an existing safe place of work, a ladder or mobile access tower might well be selected as the most suitable work at height equipment. The CLF possesses ladders and a mobile access tower and has workshop staff trained in the safe methods of ladder use and tower assembly, dismantling and alteration.

Where a mobile access tower has been selected for use personnel should contact the engineering safety representative (as listed on the local area safety card) for guidance and advice. On no account should untrained personnel erect a mobile access tower themselves.

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