Calls for access to the High Power Lasers
05 Aug 2021



The latest call for the Vulcan and Gemini lasers is now open




​High Power Lasers call for access - Vulcan and Gemini

We invite proposals for access to the Vulcan TAW and Gemini TA3 target areas for the period April 2022 – October 2022.

1 slot for Gemini TA3 in this round is available for EU access and is funded through Laserlab-Europe. All other access in this round is funded by STFC, and these non-Laserlab-Europe proposals must have at least one co-investigator who is a permanent member of staff at a UK academic institution.​

 All proposals should be submitted electronically at the following website by Friday, 17th September 2021 at 12pm (noon).

Please contact the User Office ( or the Panel Co-ordinator, David Carroll (, if you have any difficulty during the submission process.

​​​Details of call

For access to the Vulcan and Gemini facilities of the CLF we require the completion of the CLF Technical Pack, which is used by the facility to provide us with sufficient detail to assess the implementation of the experiment if scheduled. This should be submitted to the website alongside your science case.​

Call for Access P1 22-23

CLF Technical Pack P1 22-23

Vulcan Call for Access P1 22-23

Gemini Call for Access P1 22-23

Target Fabrication Facility details P1 22-23

Instructions for submitting EU Proposals

  1. To submit a proposal follow all of these steps in order:

    1. Use the CLF online proposal system ( as above. At step #3 select “YES" to the question on if you are applying for access through Laserlab Europe and choose the country you are representing. Applications require a science case of up to 3 pages.
    2. Download a PDF copy of your application.
    3. Use the Laserlab Europe online proposal system ( to submit your application. At the last step, attach the PDF copy of your proposal produced by the CLF proposal system.​

High Power Lasers call for access - Orion

The call for access to the Orion laser facility at AWE Aldermaston during the period late 2020/2021 is now closed

Orion call details

Click on the hyperlinks for details of the Orion laser system and the Orion academic call for access. ​

Contact: Carroll, David (STFC,RAL,CLF)