£17.2m Announced for HiLUX in UKRI’s Infrastructure Fund
15 Jun 2022



HiLUX will be a major upgrade of the Central Laser Facility’s (CLF’s) ultrafast laser and infrared spectrometer infrastructure (Ultra and Artemis).





UKRI's Infrastructure Fund has announced today that it will be providing £8.6m over the next 3 years, (£17.2m from the Infrastructure Fund in total including future funding years) starting in FY23/24. This is part of a £481 million funding injection over the next three years for 23 major infrastructure projects and 9 scoping studies to maintain the UK's position as a science superpower.

This investment will extend the range of the UK's suite of resources for ultrafast spectroscopy – a technique that uses sequences of ultrashort light pulses to study processes in atoms, molecules, or materials that occur in a millionths of a billionth of a second or faster.

Taking advantage of recent developments in advanced laser, detector, and computational technology, HiLUX offers a unique opportunity for UK research and industry communities to move beyond the current limit of existing technology and greatly reduce timescales to results in the disciplines of photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells, catalysis, energy-efficient electronics, drug design, development and screening, and artwork preservation.

Find out more about Ultra and Artemis laser facilities.

To read UKRI's full funding announcement, go here.

Contact: Springate, Emma (STFC,RAL,CLF)