Impact & Innovation




​​​​​​​The Central Laser Facility’s research programme spans high energy physics, biological systems and chemistry - advancing fundamental science whilst opening up potential for innovation. Novel technologies and processes developed in the course of our science programme are continually assessed in terms of their exploitation potential.

The Central Laser Facility increases its impact by:

  • Increasing our expertise via continued and enhanced support of the underpinning, fundamental science
  • Attracting inward investment from global sources including the BRIC countries
  • Training scientists, engineers and technicians to the highest standards
  • Innovation - exploiting the right ideas at the right time with optimum efficiency
  • Ensuring our intellectual property is protected and utilised to maximise return
  • Supporting existing spin-out companies and forming new ones where appropriate
  • Engaging with the public, in particular through outreach to schools and colleges
  • Addressing the big challenges - Security, Energy, Environment and Healthcare
  • Pro-actively seeking new partnerships and collaborations across industry and academia

For more information on how our world leading science and technology can make a difference please contact Dr Ric Allott, Business Development Manager.