100 kHz infrared laser system
22 Jan 2021



Artemis and Ultra are commissioning  a new 100 kHz IR laser based on OPCPA technology




The new laser system is a 100-kHz OPCPA from Fastlite, pumped by a 225-W Yb:YAG thin-disk regenerative amplifier from Trumpf Scientific, based on an industrial micro-machining system. The high repetition rate and average power of the OPCPA output is envisaged to provide good signal-to-noise ratio in both photo-electron and optical (infrared) spectroscopy experiments. The system has several outputs, as detailed in the following: 

​Wavelength (nm)
​Pulse energy (uJ)
​Pulse duration (fs)
​CEP-stable HHG
​1750 ± 100
2800 ± 200
​Tunable IR spectroscopy

* depending on wavelength
There is also the possibility to generate picosecond tunable IR pulses. ​

The laser has arrived on site and we are currently making good progress with the installation, assisted by Trumpf Scientific and Fastlite. We are also commissioning a new 100-kHz HHG beamline and developing secondary sources in the vis-NIR and MIR to facilitate future experiments in time-resolved XUV photo-electron spectroscopy and 2D-IR spectroscopy. Further details regarding the laser specifications and secondary sources will soon be available.

Contact: Springate, Emma (STFC,RAL,CLF)