Mariastefania De Vido added to 100esperte list
14 Jun 2023



Mariastefania De Vido has recently been added to the 100esperte (100 female experts) list!

Mariastefania De Vido

​Mariastefania De Vido​


​This is a high-profile Italian initiative designed to promote women in STEM who are available to communicate as experts in the media and with organisations such as schools and universities.

The 100esperte website gives their reason for creating such a list very concisely in this quote:
“Several research studies on women in the news media show that women are rarely called in as experts. Those who explain and interpret the world are almost always men: in 82% of cases, according to national research by the Global Media Monitoring Project 2015. Yet there are women experts. And they can dust off media language which, by ignoring them, ignores signs of the times and fails to recognise the contribution of women to all the various sectors of society: from politics to science.”
Stefania said, "It is a great honour to have been selected to join 100esperte. This is a fantastic initiative and I am looking forward to giving my contribution. I believe that increasing the visibility of female role models is one of the best ways to encourage more women into STEM subjects and careers."
Being recognised and put out there as an expert in Laser science is an incredible feat, and we congratulate Stefania for achieving it!
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Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)