Artemis XUV Imaging Beamline
19 Jan 2021



The Artemis XUV imaging beamline is designed for coherent diffractive imaging experiments, which require high XUV flux.



The beamline is used for high harmonic generation spectroscopy, HHG optimisation experiments, and coherent XUV imaging with the 1 kHz laser system.​ The beamline offers wavelength selection and focusing with filters and multilayer mirrors. Compared to our beamline with monochromator, we have more flexibility in configuring the XUV generation conditions and can use higher pulse energies for generation. 

The key diagnostic on this beamline is a flat-field sp​ectrometer. For imaging experiments, the flat-field grating is pulled out of the beam path, allowing the beam to propagate through filters to a chamber containing sample positioning stages, XUV multilayers and an x-ray CCD camera. A variety of filters and multilayer mirrors can be provided.

The Artemis beamline for coherent XUV imaging showing, from L-R, XUV generation chamber, flat-field spectrometer, filter chamber and imaging chamber.

The coherent XUV imaging capability is being developed in collaboration with the Ultrafast X-ray Group at the University of Southampton. Southampton have been working on XUV ptychography with high harmonics [1] to image extended samples. Ptychography is a coherent lensless imaging technique which allows wide-field images to be built up by collecting scatter patterns from a series of overlapping areas.​

On Artemis, we have used 29 nm XUV pulses to successfully image biological samples using ptychography [2]. We have shown that we can reconstruct images over an 80 micron field of view with a resolution of 80 nm.​​


[1] Peter D. Baksh, Michal Odstrcil, Hyun-Su Kim, Stuart A. Boden, Jeremy G. Frey, and William S. Brocklesby, "Wide-field broadband extreme ultraviolet transmission ptychography using a high-harmonic source" Opt. Lett. 41, 1317 (2016).​

[2] P. Baksh, M. Odstrcil, M. Miszczak, C Pooley, R.T. Chapman, A.S. Wyatt, E. Springate,  JE Chad, K. Deinhardt, J.G. Frey, and W.S. Brocklesby, "Quantitative and correlative extreme ultraviolet coherent imaging of mouse hippocampal neurons at high resolution", Science Advances 6 eeaz3025 (2020).​

Contact: Chapman, Richard (STFC,RAL,CLF)