CALTA: The Centre for Advanced Laser Technology and Applications
01 Dec 2009






Delivering the power of light

STFC’s  Central Laser Facility is at the forefront of global development and scientific exploitation of high power lasers.

STFC have established the Centre for Advanced Laser Technology and Applications (CALTA) within the CLF to develop new laser technologies, and establish wider scientific and industrial application of all our technology.

Key facts: 

  • CALTA is funded ​by a combination of internal and external funding.

  • We employ around 30 people, mostly scientists and engineers.

  • We have won nine contracts to date, including two major contracts with the Czech republic.

  • We have developed a new high energy, high repetition rate, high efficiency pulsed laser technology called DiPOLE.

  • We are working with industrial partners to enable solutions to real-world problems.

  • We are working to exploit CLF’s extensive technology capability developed by our experts over many years.

Multi-million pound contracts for CALTA:



Contact: Springate, Emma (STFC,RAL,CLF)

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