​​Are you a fresh graduate dreaming about an exciting STEM career or an experienced professional who is looking for the next challenge at the cutting-edge of science, technology and engineering?

Would you want to join a vibrant, multicultural and multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers working towards solutions that will keep us safer and improve our healthcare?​

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We have an exciting opportunity for you at the Central Laser Facility (CLF) at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the Harwell Campus in Oxford​shire. ​

The CLF is the UK's national centre for laser science, comprising of five laser facilities that enable cutting-edge research in a plethora of fields ranging from biomedical sciences to material science and plasma physics. Our work helps to inspire solutions to everyday problems as well as better understand our Universe: from developing future energy sources and n​ovel cancer diagnostic capabilities to simulating astrophysical events in the early universe in the laboratory.

The CLF is a dynamic, innovation-rich, world-leading laboratory with over 150 staff from over 10 different countries, providing scientists from around the world with a wide range of state-of-the-art laser technology.​

CLF is now building a new laser centre - the Extreme Photonics Applications Centre (EPAC)​. This £81.2M facility will use lasers developed by our team to drive novel particle and x-ray beams to inspect critical industrial components and open up new biomedical imaging capabilities.  EPAC will help develop novel particle and radiation beams which will be a new way to inspect critical industrial components. For example, EPAC will be able to inspect our aircrafts and rockets & produce particle and x-ray beams for applications in industry, medicine and security. EPAC, driving a new accelerator technology based on plasmas, will provide solutions to shrink kilometre-long accelerators to structures that can fit in a few rooms.

There is also potential impact on long-term fundamental science programmes, such as the future technical basis of particle physics accelerators that will likely require this sort of disruptive approach to accelerator science. We are looking for scientists and engineers at different stages of their careers to be a part of this friendly and enthusiastic team that will design, build and operate EPAC.​

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