Characterisation of Micro-Targets
29 Apr 2016



Target Fabrication characterisation




Target Fabrication has an extensive range of characterisation equipment available to it that has been specifically chosen for the complex metrology challenges that are provided by high power laser targets. Utilising optical, touch probe, electron and atomic force microscopy a full characterisation service is available to ensure that the targets we produce are to the highest specification. Our trained target engineers are able to advise on appropriate characterisation techniques for different target designs and will discuss with you the most appropriate parameters for your target design.

Capabilities include:

White-Light Interferometry

Bruker (Veeco) Wyko NT9300 White Light Interferometer

  • Motorised x-y stage with stitching capabilities Motorised tip/tilt adjustment with automatic capability
  • 1.25x -100x magnification through 3 objectives (2.5x, 10x, 50x) and 3 FOV magnifiers (0.5, 1, 2)
  • Micron resolution in x-y: Resolution sub nm in z
  • VSI and PSI scanning modes available
  • Extensive analysis software including auto levelling and 3D plots.
White Light Interferometry scan

Confocal Microscopy

Zeiss Axio CSM700 Confocal Microscope

  • 10x, 50x and 100x objectives (interchangeable with Zeiss M1m)
  • True colour topology
  • Step heights from 20nm to 1mm
  • Surface roughness measurements, layer thickness determination, and volume, angle and contact ratio measurements.
  • Extensive analysis software including auto levelling and 3D plots Z stack measurement

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Pemtron SEM

  • 5nm resolution with appropriate isolation conditions
  • 20x – 300,000x magnification (7000x optimal focus)
  • Column voltage 1-30KeV
  • Motorised and programmable x,y and z stages.
  • EDX analysis software
  • Backscatter electron detector
  • Chamber size – approx 60mm diameter sample.
Backscatter electron image Backscatter electron image
Backscatter Electron imageSecondary Electron image

Atomic Force Microscopy

Bruker (Veeco) diCaliber Atomic Force Microscope

  • Scans up to 90um x 90um with a 10um range
  • Closed loop x-y scanning and built in x-y translator
  • Contact and tapping mode
  • Provides detailed x,y and z surface data with nanometre resoluton​

Contact: Haddock, David (STFC,RAL,CLF)