Commercial & Industrial Beamtime Access
01 Dec 2009







​Access to CLF’s world class facilities is provided free of charge to the UK academic community and it is also available to commercial users at contract rates.  The revenue from this activity is channelled back into scientific research and new facility developments for the benefit of the scientific community as a whole.  Please contact Kathryn Welsby if you would like further details on how to gain access or additional details of the facilities and capabilities available.  See our Industry page for examples of how companies work with us.

CLF Facilities

An ultrafast soft x-ray science facility based on ultra-fast XUV pulses. Artemis brings together femtosecond laser and synchrotron technologies to enable new science in the emerging field of ultrafast x-rays.

A high power, ultra-short pulse, high repetition-rate Petawatt-class laser operating at 800 nm. The extreme concentration of energy possible with Gemini makes it one of the most intense lasers in the world.

The OCTOPUS imaging cluster offers a range of imaging techniques including multidimensional single molecule microscopy, confocal microscopy and optical profilometry.
Ultra combines laser, detector and sample manipulation technology to probe molecular dynamics on the femtosecond to microsecond timescales.
​A Petawatt laser providing a number of beamlines operating in several power/pulse configurations.​


Contact: Welsby, Kathryn (STFC,SO,CLF)