01 Mar 2017



The first of the D100 generation of lasers


​​​​D100 labelled ​​layout


The DiPOLE 100 (or D100) laser builds on the initial DiPOLE design to increase the output energy.  This next generation system is an order of magnitude more powerful than the initial DiPOLE system.  To achieve this increase in power the system has two amplifier heads, the first amplifies a beam to 10J of energy the second laser head amplifies the laser further to 100J.  This 100J system  is currently record breaking. The laser has been designed in a straight line as seen in the drawing.  

Parameters list:
Pulse energy 100J
Wavelength 1030nm
Pulse duration variable between 2 and 10 ns
Repetition rate 10 Hz
Output beam size 75 x 75mm
Optical to Optical efficiency ​

Contact: Smith, Jodie (STFC,RAL,CLF)