13 Mar 2017



The second system in the 100J generation of DiPOLE lasers




​​DiPOLE100X, or D100-X, is another record-breaking, kilowatt-level, diode-pumped, solid-state laser, shown in Figure 1. To make the system more compact, it has been folded at the interface between the two amplifying stages.  

Other modifications include:
  • A double modulator incorporated into the front end because pulse contrast is of high importance;
  • The ability to shape the pulse in a closed loop system.​​

D100x new image.png

Figure 1 - ​3D view of the D100-X system.

Parameters list:

Pulse energy   up to 150 J
Wavelength   1030 nm
Pulse duration   2-10 ns
Repetition rate   up to 10 Hz
Output beam size   75x75 mm
Optical to optical efficiency  34.0%


While achieving the same kilowatt-level output powers as its predecessor, DiPOLE100, and obtaining another world-leading result, D100X also demonstrated two key results:

1. ​Generation of 150 J, 15 ns pulses at a 1 Hz repetition rate (Figure 1) [1].
This performance not only exceeds the target energy specification but provides further evidence of the energy scaling potential of the DiPOLE architecture.

2. Producing a stable output of 75 J at a 10 Hz repetition rate for a six hour run (Figure 2) [1].
This output stability at high energies and repetition rates is a particularly important result as it will allow D100X to be used as an experimental tool that is required to perform reliably to support user experiments.

Contact: Clarke, Danielle (STFC,RAL,CLF)