DiPOLE 100Hz
19 Oct 2021



A compact, cost-effective, 1kW average power DiPOLE laser.





The DiPOLE 100 Hz laser is similar to the original DiPOLE prototype design but with the same kilowatt-level output energies as the DiPOLE100 and D100-X systems. With only one amplifier head, the beam is amplified to an energy of 10 J but achieves its high power through the unprecedented high repetition rate of 100 Hz. This system is currently under development at the Central Laser Facility in Oxfordshire.

Target parameters list:

Pulse energy   up to 10 J
Wavelength   1030 nm
Pulse duration   2-10 ns
Repetition rate   up to 100 Hz
Output beam size   22x22 mm

Contact: De Vido, Mariastefania (STFC,RAL,CLF)