Dr Greg Greetham Becomes New Ultra Facility Group Leader
23 Mar 2022
- Helen Towrie



We are pleased to share that Dr Greg Greetham is stepping into a new role as Ultra Group Leader.

Greg Greetham using Ultra Laser



processed-aabecb32-4526-46cd-b285-6593720867f8_LIK8xgQx.jpegThis is after Prof Mike Towrie, who began working at the CLF in 1989 and has been Ultra's Group Leader since its creation, stepped down from his role to enjoy semi-retirement. ​

Greg is a long-standing member of the Ultra group, with approx. 16 years' experience. Before this, he gained academic experience in physical chemistry at the University of Leicester and ETH Zurich, then worked on industrial research and development with ultrafast laser and CCD camera companies in France and Germany.

Greg was part of the team that gained funding for and established the Ultra Facility playing a key role in developing it into the incredible set of laser laboratories it is today. On top of helping to grow the labs, Greg has supported Ultra's diverse user programme and led the way on numerous innovative experiments himself.

Greg Greetham said: 

"It's an exciting change for me personally. I have ULTRA in my blood, having built it up with Mike over the years. The facility is fantastic, and the great ULTRA team and user science collaborations make it a strong and inspiring operation to lead. We're indebted to Mike, for all he has taught us and invested in to the facility, as well as the friendship we had over the years."

Mike Towrie said:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside Greg over the years. His experience and his dedication to Ultra leave me with no doubt that he will make a fantastic new group leader. I very much look forward to seeing where Greg takes Ultra next!"

Head of Ultra Fast Lasers, Prof. Dave Clarke added:

“Mike's departure marks the end of an era for ULTRA and the CLF. I've enjoyed working with him over the years and his efforts have been very much appreciated by me, by his colleagues, and by the ​user community. The good news is that Mike leaves ULTRA in excellent hands. Greg will be a worthy successor to Mike and I very much look forward to seeing ULTRA develop under his leadership".

More on Dr Greg Greetham, Prof Mike Towrie and the Ultra team here.

Photo description: Greg Greetham in the Ultra lab​

Photo credit: Stephen Kill

Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)