Experimental design
19 Mar 2013




The mechanical design team lays out the experiment in the target chambers for TAP, TAW, Astra Gemini TA3 and Artemis. Each experiment requires specific diagnostics and detectors and the designers work with the link scientists and user scientists to find the optimal set-up. Where necessary the design team will develop components for each experiment such as magnets, diagnostics and detector holders.

The mechanical design team use 3D CAD (Solid Edge) to model and draw all aspects of the experiment. This provides a useful tool for review and approval of layouts as well as providing a lasting record of each experiment.  


The electrical design team make sure that all electrical and control systems are ready to meet the requirement of the experiment. These include; 

  • fully automated vacuum systems that allow user scientists to evacuate the target chamber
  • automatic gas delivery which allows user scientists to use a variety of gases at pressures from 2 bar to 150 bar
  • optic alignment control system that allows the link scientists to align the laser beam to target with micron accuracy
  • high voltage applications.
​The electrical design team use Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), AutoCAD Electrical, programmable motion controllers for stepper and DC motors to enable the system to be designed and operated.
Contact: Wyborn, Brian (STFC,RAL,CLF)