Gemini Publications
21 Sep 2017



Recent publications from the Gemini laser facility





GFH Indorf, GG Scott, MA Ennen, P Forestier-Colleoni, D Haddock, SJ Hawkes, L Scaife, N Bourgeois, D Symes, C Thornton, A Andreev, U Teubner, D Neely

Investigation of the ejected mass during high-intensity laser solid interaction for improved plasma mirror generation

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 64, 34004 (2022)

W Sun, DR Symes, CM Brenner, M Böhnel, S Brown, MN Mavrogordato, I Sinclair, M Salamon

Review of high energy x-ray computed tomography for non-destructive dimensional metrology of large metallic advanced manufactured components

Reports on Progress in Physics, 85, 16102 (2022)


​B Kettle, D Hollatz, E Gerstmayr, GM Samarin, A Alejo, S Astbury, CD Baird, S Bohlen, M Campbell, C Colgan, D Dannheim, C Gregory, H Harsh, P Hatfield, J Hinojosa, Y Katzir, J Morton, C Murphy, A Nurnberg, J Osterhoff, G Perez, K Põder, PP Rajeev, C Roedel, F Roeder, FC Salgado, G Sarri, A Seidel, S Spannagel, C Spindloe, S Steinke, M Streeter, AGR Thomas, C Underwood, R Watt, M Zepf, SJ Rose, S Mangles

A laser-plasma platform for photon-photon physics: the two photon Breit-Wheeler process

New Journal of Physics, 23, 115006 (2021)

L Bradley, MJV Streeter, C Murphy, C Arran, TG Blackburn, M Galletti, S Mangles, CP Ridgers

Effect of laser temporal intensity skew on enhancing pair production in laser - electron-beam collisions

New Journal of Physics, 23, 95004 (2021)​

HSP Thomas, RM Deas, LN Kirkham, PM Dodd, E Zemaityte, AD Hillier, D Neely

Response of nuclear track detector CR-39 to low energy muons

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 63, 124001 (2021)

A McIlvenny, D Doria, L Romagnani, H Ahmed, N Booth, E Ditter, O Ettlinger, G Hicks, P Martin, G Scott, S Williamson, A Macchi, P McKenna, Z Najmudin, D Neely, S Kar, M Borghesi

Selective Ion Acceleration by Intense Radiation Pressure

Physical Review Letters, 127, 194801 (2021)

GG Scott, GFH Indorf, MA Ennen, P Forestier-Colleoni, SJ Hawkes, L Scaife, M Sedov, DR Symes, C Thornton, F Beg, T Ma, P McKenna, AA Andreev, U Teubner, D Neely

Kinematics of femtosecond laser-generated plasma expansion: Determination of sub-micron density gradient and collisionality evolution of over-critical laser plasmas

Physics of Plasmas, 28, 93109 (2021)

A Maitrallain, E Brunetti, M Streeter, B Kettle, R Spesyvtsev, G Vieux, M Shazhad, B Ersfeld, S Yoffe, A kornaszewski, O Finlay, Y Ma, F Albert, N Bourgeois, SJ Dann, N Lemos, S Cipiccia, JM Cole, I Gallardo González, L Willingale, A Higginbotham, A Hussein, M Šmid, K Falk, K Krushelnick, NC Lopes, E Gerstmayr, C Lumsdon, O Lundh, S Mangles, Z Najmudin, PP Rajeev, D Symes, AGR Thomas, DA Jaroszynski

Parametric study of high-energy ring-shaped electron beams from a laser wakefield accelerator

New Journal of Physics, 24, 13017 (2021)


RJ Shalloo, SJD Dann, J Gruse, CID Underwood, AF Antoine, C Arran, M Backhouse, CD Baird, MD Balcazar, N Bourgeois, JA Cardarelli, P Hatfield, J Kang, K Krushelnick, SPD Mangles, CD Murphy, N Lu, J Osterhoff, K Põder, PP Rajeev, CP Ridgers, S Rozario, MP Selwood, AJ Shahani, DR Symes, AGR Thomas, C Thornton, Z Najmudin, MJV Streeter

Automation and control of laser wakefield accelerators using Bayesian optimization

Nature Communications, 11, 6355 (2020)

A McIlvenny, H Ahmed, C Scullion, D Doria, L Romagnani, P Martin, K Naughton, A Sgattoni, D Symes, A Macchi, P McKenna, M Zepf, S Kar, M Borghesi

Characteristics of ion beams generated in the interaction of ultra-short laser pulses with ultra-thin foils

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 62, 54001 (2020)

J Gruse, M Streeter, C Thornton, C Armstrong, C Baird, N Bourgeois, S Cipiccia, O Finlay, C Gregory, Y Katzir, N Lopes, S Mangles, Z Najmudin, D Neely, L Pickard, K Potter, P Rajeev, D Rusby, C Underwood, J Warnett, M Williams, J Wood, C Murphy, C Brenner, D Symes

Application of compact laser-driven accelerator X-ray sources for industrial imaging

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment, 983, 164369 (2020)

M Bloom, M Streeter, S Kneip, R Bendoyro, O Cheklov, J Cole, A Döpp, C Hooker, J Holloway, J Jiang, N Lopes, H Nakamura, P Norreys, P Rajeev, D Symes, J Schreiber, J Wood, M Wing, Z Najmudin, S Mangles

Bright x-ray radiation from plasma bubbles in an evolving laser wakefield accelerator

Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 23, 61301 (2020)

CID Underwood, CD Baird, C Murphy, C Armstrong, C Thornton, O Finlay, MJV Streeter, MP Selwood, N Brierley, S Cipiccia, J Gruse, P McKenna, Z Najmudin, D Neely, D Rusby, D Symes, CM Brenner

Development of control mechanisms for a laser wakefield accelerator-driven bremsstrahlung X-ray source for advanced radiographic imaging

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 62, 124002 (2020)

F Albert, M Couprie, AD Debus, M Downer, J Faure, A Flacco, LA Gizzi, TE Grismayer, A Huebl, C Joshi, M Labat, WP Leemans, A Maier, S Mangles, P Mason, F Mathieu, P Muggli, M Nishiuchi, J Osterhoff, PP Rajeev, U Schramm, J Schreiber, AGR Thomas, J Vay, M Vranic, K Zeil

2020 Roadmap on Plasma Accelerators

New Journal of Physics, 23, 31101 (2020)

MJ Duff, R Wilson, M King, B Gonzalez-Izquierdo, A Higginson, SDR Williamson, ZE Davidson, R Capdessus, N Booth, S Hawkes, D Neely, RJ Gray, P McKenna

High order mode structure of intense light fields generated via a laser-driven relativistic plasma aperture

Scientific Reports, 10, 105 (2020)

G Milluzzo, H Ahmed, L Romagnani, D Doria, P Chaudhary, C Maiorino, A McIlvenny, A McMurray, K Polin, Y Katzir, R Pattathil, P McKenna, K Prise, M Borghesi

Dosimetry of laser-accelerated carbon ions for cell irradiation at ultra-high dose rate​

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1596, 12038 (2020)​


Contact: Green, James (STFC,RAL,CLF)