Gemini Publications
21 Sep 2017



Recent publications from the Gemini laser facility





Experimental Signatures of the Quantum Nature of Radiation Reaction in the Field of an Ultraintense Laser

K Poder, M Tamburini, G Sarri, A Di Piazza, S Kuschel, C Baird, K Behm, S Bohlen, J Cole, D Corvan, M Duff, E Gerstmayr, C Keitel, K Krushelnick, S Mangles, P McKenna, C Murphy, Z Najmudin, C Ridgers, G Samarin, D Symes, A Thomas, J Warwick, M Zepf Physical Review X 8 ​31004 (2018)​

High-resolution mu CT of a mouse embryo using a compact laser-driven X-ray betatron source

JM Cole, DR Symes, NC Lopes, JC Wood, K Poder, S Alatabi, SW Botchway, PS Foster, S Gratton, S Johnson, C Kamperidis, O Kononenko, M De Lazzari, CAJ Palmer, D Rusby, J Sanderson, M Sandholzer, G Sarri, Z Szoke-Kovacs, L Teboul, JM Thompson, JR Warwick, H Westerberg, MA Hill, DP Norris, SPD Mangles, Z Najmudin Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 115 ​6335 (2018)​

Ultrafast Imaging of Laser Driven Shock Waves using Betatron X-rays from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator

JC Wood, DJ Chapman, K Poder, NC Lopes, ME Rutherford, TG White, F Albert, KT Behm, N Booth, JSJ Bryant, PS Foster, S Glenzer, E Hill, K Krushelnick, Z Najmudin, BB Pollock, S Rose, W Schumaker, RHH Scott, M Sherlock, AGR Thomas, Z Zhao, DE Eakins, SPD Mangles Scientific Reports 8 ​11010 (2018)​

Debris studies for high-repetition rate and high-power laser experiments at the Central Laser Facility

N Booth, S Astbury, E Bryce, RJ Clarke, CD Gregory, J Green, D Haddock, RI Heathcote, C Spindloe Proceedings of SPIE10763 ​107630S (2018)​

Enhanced Laser-Driven Ion Acceleration by Superponderomotive Electrons Generated from Near-Critical-Density Plasma

J Bin, M Yeung, Z Gong, H Wang, C Kreuzer, M Zhou, M Streeter, P Foster, S Cousens, B Dromey, J Meyer-ter-Vehn, M Zepf, J Schreiber Physical Review Letters 120 ​74801 (2018)​

Experimental Evidence of Radiation Reaction in the Collision of a High-Intensity Laser Pulse with a Laser-Wakefield Accelerated Electron Beam

​​​J Cole, K Behm, E Gerstmayr, T Blackburn, J Wood, C Baird, M Duff, C Harvey, A Ilderton, A Joglekar, K Krushelnick, S Kuschel, M Marklund, P McKenna, C Murphy, K Poder, C Ridgers, G Samarin, G Sarri, D Symes, A Thomas, J Warwick, M Zepf, Z Najmudin, S Mangles Physical Review X 8 ​11020 (2018)​

Time-resolved measurements of fast electron recirculation for relativistically intense femtosecond scale laser-plasma interactions

JS Green, N Booth, RJ Dance, RJ Gray, DA MacLellan, A Marshall, P McKenna, CD Murphy, CP Ridgers, APL Robinson, D Rusby, RHH Scott, L Wilson Scientific Reports 8 4525 (2018)

Radiation Pressure-Driven Plasma Surface Dynamics in Ultra-Intense Laser Pulse Interactions with Ultra-Thin Foils

B Gonzalez-Izquierdo, R Capdessus, M King, R Gray, R Wilson, R Dance, J McCreadie, N Butler, S Hawkes, J Green, N Booth, M Borghesi, D Neely, P McKenna Applied Sciences 8 336 (2018)​


Experimental Observation of a Current-Driven Instability in a Neutral Electron-Positron Beam

J Warwick, T Dzelzainis, M Dieckmann, W Schumaker, D Doria, L Romagnani, K Poder, J Cole, A Alejo, M Yeung, K Krushelnick, S Mangles, Z Najmudin, B Reville, G Samarin, D Symes, A Thomas, M Borghesi, G Sarri Physical Review Letters119 ​185002 (2017)​

Excitation and Control of Plasma Wakefields by Multiple Laser Pulses

​​​J Cowley, C Thornton, C Arran, R Shalloo, L Corner, G Cheung, C Gregory, S Mangles, N Matlis, D Symes, R Walczak, S Hooker Physical Review Letters119 ​044802 (2017)​

Summary of WG7: High brightness power sources: From laser technology to beam drivers

LA Gizzi, B Marchetti, R Pattathil Nuclear Instruments and Methods A 64 (2017)

Radiation reaction studies in an all-optical set-up: experimental limitations

GM Samarin, M Zepf, G Sarri Journal of Modern Optics64 ​2281-2288 (2017)​

Measurements of self-guiding of ultrashort laser pulses over long distances

K Poder, J Cole, JC Wood, NC Lopes, S Alatabi, P Foster, C Kamperidis, O Kononenko, C Palmer, D Rusby, AA Sahai, D Symes, G Sarri, JR Warwick, S Mangles, Z Najmudin Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion60 014022 (2017)

Polarization Dependence of Bulk Ion Acceleration from Ultrathin Foils Irradiated by High-Intensity Ultrashort Laser Pulses​

​​​C Scullion, D Doria, L Romagnani, A Sgattoni, K Naughton, D Symes, P McKenna, A Macchi, M Zepf, S Kar, M Borghesi Physical Review Letters119 ​054801 (2017)​

​​​Spectral and spatial characterisation of laser-driven positron beams

​​​G Sarri, J Warwick, W Schumaker, K Poder, J Cole, D Doria, T Dzelzainis, K Krushelnick, S Kuschel, SPD Mangles, Z Najmudin, L Romagnani, GM Samarin, D Symes, AGR  Thomas, M Yeung, M Zepf Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion59 14015 (2017)


Experiment and simulation of novel liquid crystal plasma mirrors for high contrast, intense laser pulses

PL Poole, A Krygier, GE Cochran, PS Foster, GG Scott, LA Wilson, J Bailey, N Bourgeois, C Hernandez-Gomez, D Neely, PP Rajeev, RR Freeman, DW Schumacher Scientific Reports 6 ​32041 (2016)​

Towards optical polarization control of laser-driven proton acceleration in foils undergoing relativistic transparency​

B Gonzalez-Izquierdo, M King, RJ Gray, R Wilson, RJ Dance, H Powell, DA Maclellan, J McCreadie, NMH Butler, S Hawkes, JS Green, CD Murphy, LC Stockhausen, DC Carroll, N Booth, GG Scott, M Borghesi, D Neely, P McKenna Nature Communications7 12891 (2016)

2D hydrodynamic simulations of a variable length gas target for density down-ramp injection of electrons into a laser wakefield accelerator

O Kononenko, N Lopes, J Cole, C Kamperidis, S Mangles, Z Najmudin, J Osterhoff, K Poder, D Rusby, D Symes, J Warwick, J Wood, C Palmer Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A 829 125-129 (2016)​

B Gonzalez-Izquierdo, RJ Gray, M King, R Wilson, RJ Dance, H Powell, DA MacLellan, J McCreadie, NMH Butler, S Hawkes, JS Green, CD Murphy, LC Stockhausen, DC Carroll, N Booth, GG Scott, M Borghesi, D Neely, P McKenna High Power Laser Science and Engineering 4 e33 (2016)​

​ Angularly resolved characterization of ion beams from laser-ultrathin foil interactions​

C Scullion, D Doria, L Romagnani, H Ahmed, A Alejo, O Ettlinger, R Gray, J Green, G Hicks, D Jung, K Naughton, H Padda, K Poder, G Scott, D Symes, S Kar, P McKenna, Z Najmudin, D Neely, M Zepf, M Borghesi Journal of Instrumentation 11 C09020 (2016)​

Contact: Green, James (STFC,RAL,CLF)