Christmas meeting of the High Power Laser User Community
21 May 2019



Registration has now closed for the Christmas meeting of the High Power Laser User Community (16th - 18th December 2019)




The CLF Christmas Meeting of the High Power Laser User Community will again take place in Abingdon School, starting at mid-day on Monday 16th December. The meeting aims to bring together both experimental researchers along with those involved in theory and simulation, and, in particular, to provide a venue for PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers to present their work.

Registration is now closed.

As with last year there is an upper limit on the number we can register for this meeting, and registration will be closed once this limit is breached. Registration will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis.​

To address the issue of new PhD students and this early registration, we have reserved 12 places for new PhD students which will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Please email Alex Robinson if you need to reserve a place once these studentships are confirmed. Requests for oral presentations will be accomodated as much as possible but priority will be given to PhD students and young researchers. It is likely that there will be three review/tutorial talks by established members of the community.

Dinner will be provided in Cosener's House but lunch will be served at Abingdon School. The oral presentations will take place in the Amey Theatre of Abingdon School, and accommodation has been arranged in Cosener's house and nearby hotels. As usual there will be a student poster prize competition. Any special dietary or other requirements that you have can be specified in the on-line registration process.

If you need to contact Alex Robinson directly to discuss any related matter then please don't hesitate to do so. We look forward to seeing you in December.


1.Registration this year will be early : mid-May until the 19th July. Furthermore those attendees who do not communicate their travel requirements by the 19th July will not have their travel booked by the CLF, and will have to claim travel expenses which will be subject to caps.  Full details can be found in the Travel Policy document for this meeting.

2. Information Policy : Registration for the meeting requires that those registering accept the CLF’s Information Policy for handling attendee personal data.

3. Code of Conduct : Registration for the meeting requires that those registering accept the Code of Conduct for the meeting.  Attendees who breach the Code of Conduct may be subject to sanctions including being indefinitely barred from future meetings.

Contact: Robinson, Alex (STFC,RAL,CLF)