Harmonic Generation
08 Jan 2018



Frequency conversion of lasers using non-linear crystals allows opportunities for new applications to be explored




The ability to convert the frequency of an infra red laser system is important, this is achieved using non-linear cystals.   Second harmonic generation has been investigated thoroughly as this would produce green light, approximately 515nm, which could be used as a pump for titanium sapphire systems such as Gemini or opatical parametric chirped pulse amplification (OPCPA​).


Our investigations into harmonic generation currently focus on second harmonic generation using the following crystals;

Deuterated Dihydrogen Phosphate (DKDP)

​Lithium Triborate (LBO)

Yttrium Calcium Oxoborate (YCOB)​



Initially modelling of various thermal conditions for the three non linear materials was completed and efficiency for different peak ​intensities calculated.   Currently experiments are underway to confirm the modelling and efficiency calculations.  These experiments are also verifying the crystals survive at the operational energy and that the efficiency is stable for sustained periods of time. ​​
Third harmonic generation is now being investigated, more information will follow shortly.​




Contact: Smith, Jodie (STFC,RAL,CLF)