Head of Octopus Marisa Martin-Fernandez Wins TechWomen100 Award!
07 Jan 2020



​We would like to share a huge congratulations to Marisa Martin-Fernandez, who has been selected as a winner in the WeAreTechWomen's TechWomen100 Awards 2019!




Martin-Fernandez Marisa 08EC3793.jpgMarisa, who has worked at the CLF since 2008 and has been head of the Octopus Laser Facility since 2010, is one of the 100 women voted in for this award for her inspirational work on laser driven biological research, and previous to that, synchrotron radiation beamlines.

After joining the CLF in 2008, Marisa then became the head of Octopus Laser; our specialised biology focussed spectroscopy facility. This line of work seems like a stark contrast to her previous work up in Daresbury at the Synchrotron Radiation Department, but the experience she gained in imaging there translated well to her work in Octopus.

Marisa is currently specialising in cancer research, with a visiting professorship in the Division of Cancer Studies, Kings College London.

“During my PhD I fell in love with biology research and developed a lifelong passion to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning the onset of cancer," Marisa said. In order to undertake cancer research, I trained in cell biology and microscopy, and the combination of these skills has been key to allow me to carry out multidisciplinary research that has helped me to realise the impact on cancer research of new microscopy systems with ever greater resolution."

TechWomen100 has been running for 3 years with objective of supporting the female pipline by showcasing emerging tech talent and creating role models for the industry. We hope that by sharing Marisa's work, WeAreTechWomen will help to inspire the next generation of laser scientists and cancer researchers.

09EC1214 CLF Octopus microscope_Marisa.jpg

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Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)