02 Jul 2020



HiLUX:  A joint venture by the Artemis and Ultra Facilities




​The UKRI research and innovation infrastructure roadmap aims to capture economic, social and environmental benefits from investment in our R&D infrastructure.  As part of the roadmap the CLF has put forward HiLUX for consideration by the UKRI’s- Infrastructure Advisory Committee.  HiLUX is a £17M (over 4 years) proposal to invest in new laser technologies that will make a step change increase in performance of pump-probe spectroscopy to transform the Ultra and Artemis Facilities and create a unique centre for pump-probe vibrational, electronic and XUV spectroscopy and imaging.  Key stakeholders will be the UK academic user community and industry and the centre will complement UK & international university infrastructure, synchrotron and XFEL large-scale facilities.

HiLUX objectives

  • Introduce new generation, efficient, high power ytterbium (Yb) lasers.
  • Develop state-of–the-art Terahertz (THz) to X-ray sources.
  • Commission new pump-probe spectroscopy and imaging instruments.
  • Upgrade detectors and sample techniques.
  • Develop new computational approaches and interfaces for high data volume and content.
  • Host students and the next generation of scientists in a fast-growing photo-science community.


For further information please contact Mike Towrie and Emma Springate.

Contact: Towrie, Mike (STFC,RAL,CLF)