Laser Driven Sources
30 Nov 2017



Lasers can be used to generate particles and secondary radiation these are known as Laser Driven Sources or LaDs.




Efficient high energy femtosecond (fs) laser pulses can be used to generate particles (electrons, ions, protons and neutrons) or secondary radiation (x-rays, γ-rays etc.).  Applications for these laser driver sources​ include laser particle acceleration, active real time imaging and new medical therapies.Using a system like DiPOLE would increases the repetition rate of the lasers creating these sources to10s of Hz. 

These characteristics of the laser driver sources provide an exciting, new, multimodal source for imaging and non-destructive testing applications. ​ For example;

highly penetrating radiation produced delivered in extremely short pulses (fs) allows motion to be frozen in time. 

extremely bright, point like nature of the sourc​e allows for very large objects (meter scale) to be imaged at high spatial resolution (10’s microns or less).  ​


Contact: Smith, Jodie (STFC,RAL,CLF)