Workshop on Advanced Characterisation of Functional Materials
04 Apr 2017



This workshop aims to bring together researchers and facility scientists to identify new methods of answering new questions in Chemistry and Materials Science, with a particular focus on Catalysis.




​4th April 2017

Research Complex at Harwell and Diamond Light Source, UK​

About the workshop

Many new imaging techniques have been developed over the last fifteen years, such as the various fluorescence super-resolution imaging techniques including single-molecule localisation microscopy and structured illumination microscopy. These methods have been widely applied in the biological sciences but their use in chemistry and materials science has been limited.

The purpose of this meeting is to demonstrate to the Materials Science and Chemistry communities new ways of solving scientific questions for the characterisation of functional materials, using the Octopus and Diamond facilities. This will also drive new ideas for renewing Catalysis Hub funding, to be themed around Advanced Characterisation of Materials. The workshop will include plenary lectures from two groups who have already successfully used a variety of advanced imaging techniques to better understand their samples. A speed-networking session, pairing researcher​s with facility scientists, will spark ideas of how unanswered scientific questions could be solved. During a series of short talks, researchers will pose problems that they are looking to solve and which they consider Octopus and/or Diamond may be able to help with. Please contact the meeting organisers if you would like to give a short talk.


4th April 2017


Arrival and registration (Research Complex at Harwell)
11:00Welcome and introduction to facilities at Octopus and Diamond
Zoran Ristanović – Universiteit Utrecht
12:10Charlotte Boott – University of Bristol
13:45Facility tours of Octopus and Diamond
15:00Short talks
16:30Speed networking – linking researchers and facility scientists 
18:30Drinks and buffet reception (Diamond House)

Rates and Registration

The workshop is free to attend. Lunch, refreshments and a drinks and hot buffet reception will be provided.

Please click here to register​ Registration will remain open until 30th March.

We expect to be able to provide accommodation for the nights of the 3rd and/or 4th April for delegates travelling from further away. Delegates requiring accommodation are requested to register as soon as possible.

For all enquiries please email Stephen Webb,

About the venue

The Harwell campus is the site of the UK's large scale science facilities. Located about 8 miles south of Oxford, it houses the Diamond Light Source synchrotron facility, the Central Laser Facility (CLF), and the ISIS pulsed neutron source. Imaging facilities available include the Electron Bio-Imaging Centre (eBIC) at Diamond Light Source, optical microscopy at the CLF's Octopus facility in the Research Complex at Harwell, and scanning and full-field X-ray microscopy beamlines at Diamond.

Click here for a map and some details about transport.


Andy Beale (UCL, UK Catalysis Hub)

Nick Terrill (Diamond Light Source)

Stephen Webb (STFC, Central Laser Facility)


Contact: Bateman, Benji (STFC,RAL,CLF)