Member of CALTA team wins AILU prize 2019
28 Mar 2019
- Helen Towrie



​We would like to offer a huge congratulations to Mariastefania De Vido for winning a prize from the Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU).




Stefania, as she is often known as, has been working with us for a number of years on the DiPOLE laser systems. Built at the CLF, these lasers employ new techniques to increase efficiency for research and industrial purposes. Stefania and has helped to design and build the next generation DiPOLE lasers, namely DiPOLE100, now operating at the HiLASE facility in the Czech Republic and D100X, which will soon be installed at the European XFEL in Germany.

“The DiPOLE technology is a game changer in the field of high energy lasers, opening up so far unexplored parameter spaces for innovative industrial and scientific applications," Stefania explained. “I am so excited to work on this project and to be part of a brilliant and supportive team. This award provides even more motivation for me to push the DiPOLE technology further to realise its full potential."
Mariastefania de vido and EngD supervisor Prof Daniel Esser png.png

After being nominated by Ric Allott (BID), AILU regarded Stefania's contribution to DiPOLE laser technolog​y as “truly outstanding".

From working with the CALTA team, to expertly developing DIPOLE technology by conducting research on laser gain materials (the topic of her Industrial Fellowship awarded by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851), it is clear that Stefania has made some great strides in her career so far. 

Stefania's research, funded by the Royal Commission, aims to improve the repetition rate, output energy, and emission bandwidth of DiPOLE lasers, making them suitable for day-to-day application in the industry and the healthcare sectors. On top of this, she is also working on an engineering doctorate at Heriot-Watt University. 

The prize came as quite a (positive) shock for Stefania. “I was so surprised when I found out I was in the running," She explained. “I didn't know I'd been nominated!"

She later found out she'd been nominated by Prof. Ric Allott, who worked as the CLF  Business Development Manager for a number of years before moving into his new role as Business Development Director in STFC. Ric still works closely with many CLF staff to get their incredible research out there, one of whom is Stefania; who despite being so early in her career, has achieved great heights.

Stefania remarked, “Being awarded this prize is a great honour. I feel truly delighted that my effort and commitment has been recognised." 

The CLF would like to thank Stefania for her hard work and drive for improving and maintaining our DiPOLE lasers, and for being a strong part of the CLF community.

Banner photo: Mariastefania De Vido working in DiPOLE laser.

Article photo: Mariastefania de vido and EngD supervisor Prof Daniel Esser at the AILU award ceremony.


Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)