Multimodality Optical NanoScopy TERminus (MONSTER)
10 Jul 2019







The MONSTER microscope is a combined ZEISS LSM880-Elyra PS1 system in which simultaneous multi-colour imaging is enabled thanks to the dual EMCCD camera setting.​ It incorporates multiple imaging modalities including Confocal, AiryScan, Structured Illumination Microscopy and Single Molecule Localisation Microsopy (PALM/STORM). Please contact Dr. Lin Wang​ for further details.

Example data​​

​Simultaneous two-colour SIM imaging of CHO cells expressing alpha-1 an​titrypsin-TMR (red) and ER membra​ne-GFP (blue). Frame rate 0.6 ​​fps (10X speed up in t​he video), resolution in SIM ~100 ​nm. Sample courtesy Joe Chambers at Uni of Cambridge.​

Microscope specifications

​Technique Confocal Airyscan   SIM SMLM
 Laser wavelengths (nm)405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633405, 488, 561, 642405, 488, 561, 642
Simultaneous dual colour imagingYes
Compatible objective lensesC-Apo 40x/1.20 w, Plan Apo 63x/1.40 (oil), Plan Apo 100x/1.46 (oil)C-Apo 40x/1.20 w, Plan Apo 63x/1.40 (oil), Plan Apo 100x/1.46 (oil)Plan Apo 63x/1.40 (oil), Plan Apo 100x/1.46 (oil)Plan Apo 63x/1.40 (oil), Plan Apo 100x/1.46 (oil)
Field of View (‎μm)135×135 (63x/1.40 NA objective)135×135 (63x/1.40 NA objective, Fast mode)80×80 (63x/1.40 NA objective)14×14 (100x/1.46 NA objective, µHP mode)/26x26 (HP mode)
 Lateral resolution (nm) (λ=488nm)240 (63x/1.40 NA objective)140(normal mode)/120(2D SR or 3D mode)/145 in X, 180 in Y (Fast SR mode)12020 (localisation precision)
 Axial resolution (nm) (λ=488nm)700 (63x/1.40 NA objective)350 (normal mode)/ 450 (Fast SR mode)30050
One shot 3D methodN/AN/AN/Aphase ramp, 1µm depth
Sample thickness (‎μm)1001002010
 Temporal resolution0.85 fps at 480x480 pixels 27 fps at 480x480 pixels in Fast mode1.6 second per frame (at 24 ms integration time)several minutes


Contact: Wang, Lin (STFC,RAL,CLF)