New CLF Target Fabricator awarded Chartered Physicist Status
08 Jun 2022



The CLF would like to congratulate one of our Target Fabricators, Pawala Ariyathilaka, for being awarded Chartered Physicist (CPhys) status.




Pawala.pngThe CPhys is for members of the IOP who are effective leaders and experts in their field, that use physics knowledge and skills to develop solutions to complex problems whilst exercising significant levels of responsibility.

Pawala, who has worked with CLF Spinoff Scitech for 5 and a half years, recently took up a permanent position as micro target physicist in our Target Fabrication team.

He talks about his Chartership below:

What did you demonstrate to be awarded your CPhys?

Pawala: “In order to be chartered I had to demonstrate competences through five main areas which were application of general and specialist knowledge, application of physics to analyse and solve problems, technical and managerial skills, communication and interpersonal skills and professional conduct. This was through an application form followed by an interview."

What are the benefits of holding a CPhys?

Pawala: “Usually achieving chartered status denotes to the wider community the high level of specialised subject knowledge, high standard of professionalism, quality and safety as well as the capacity to undertake independent practice and exercise leadership. So for me, it's about showing the high level of work I do that is officially recognised."

A huge congratulations to Pawala for this well deserved acknowledgement of his academic achievements, professionalism and contributions to the physics community.

Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)