Octopus Scientist Receives Funding from Laserlab Europe’s Scientific and Technological Exchange
09 Jun 2022



​Octopus scientist Dr. Robert Lees has just been awarded funding to do an exchange programme with the Department of Physics at Politecnico di Milano.


Rob and alessia image.png

The visit is a scientific and technological exchange with Dr. Alessia Candeo, a light sheet expert there who previously worked in the OCTOPUS group for a number of years.

The exchange is funded by Laserlab Europe, a consortium of many leading laser institutions in Europe.

Rob said, “This opportunity is vital to my career development and the operation of the light sheet arm of the facility. I will observe a variety of custom microscope designs, I will get experience in sample preparation techniques (specifically for plants) and experiments and I will learn different data analysis routines for light sheet data. This also paves the way to more collaborations in the future, potentially a joint experiment via Laserlab Europe."

Many congratulations to Rob and Alessia for their fantastic achievement!

Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)