Prof Peter Norreys Wins Edward Teller Award
31 Jan 2024



​Prof. Peter Norreys has received the prestigious Edward Teller Award from the American Nuclear Society for his influential work in using lasers to generate particles for scientific applications such as fast ignition fusion.

Headshot of Peter Norreys

Peter Norreys (Universirty of Oxford) worked at the CLF for many years, managing the Plasma Physics Group, the CLF Christmas Meeting,​ all alongside being vigorously involved in both his own research and assisting CLF users in many experiments. 

He has made multiple contributions to the laser generation of energetic electrons, ions, and X-rays, along with seminal contributions to the development of ICF. Recently, the American Nuclear Society has bestowed the Edward Teller Award on Peter to recognise these contributions. 

Peter Norreys said: “I am thrilled to receive the medal and award, and am blessed to be considered worthy of the recognition alongside previous winners, by the American Nuclear Society. It is a huge honour to be in their eminent company, especially with the association of the great man Edward Teller himself."

Peter is the second ever Briton working in a UK-based laboratory to have received this prize.​

​Here at the CLF, we regard this as being very well deserved and we heartily congratulate Peter on this achievement.

Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)