User registration, safety training and information
05 Mar 2010



When you first arrive on site for your experiment please visit the CLF User Office


In order to submit a visit request to the CLF User Office, please make sure you have registered a STFC user account.​  Please make sure your details are up-to-date in your account.


On arrival at the CLF, all users must register with the CLF User Office (based in the main reception building).  If your experiment will take place in the Research Complex at Harwell building (Artemis, Octopus and Ultra Facilties) then you will also need to register with the Research Complex User Office and Operations Team upon arrival at the building.

If arriving out of hours (16:00 - 08:00 weekdays and anytime at weekends) please visit the security lodge at the main entrance to site.

Safety training

Before working on any of the lasers, all users must have passed the safety tests within the past two years. This will be verified as part of the registration process. To access the tests you will require a STFC user account.

To facilitate registration please complete all required tests before coming to the CLF.

​General site safety for the RAL campus

Users must follow safe working practices appropriate to any area in which they are working.  Any accidents resulting in injury must be reported to a member of staff and an accident report form completed.

Current Covid guidelines can be found here.

Injury or illness

In the event of a minor injury or illness during working hours, first aid treatment can be obtained from local first aiders: ext. 2222 from any site phone or 01235 778 888 from a mobile.  First aid boxes are available in the CLF User Office and various lacations in the CLF (control rooms, laboratories, workshops, RCaH).

For a serious injury or illness, an ambulance should be called via ext. 2222 or 01235 778 888.


In case of fire, the nearest break glass alarm must be activated and the fire brigade contacted via ext. 2222 or 01235 778 888.  At the sound of the fire alarm, all staff and visitors must immediately leave the building by the nearest safe exit and go to the assembly area for that building.

Site emergency

At the sound of the emergency klaxons (intermittent), everyone must remain inside or enter the nearest building and all external doors and windows must be closed. Telephone calls must not be made so that lines can be kept free for communication.


Contact: CLF User Office