User registration and safety training
05 Mar 2010



When you first arrive on site for your experiment, please visit the User Office



On arrival at the CLF, all users must register with the Facilities User Office.

The process involves

  • Confirmation of personal details - Name, address, date of birth etc
  • Provision of next-of-kin details - Name, Address, contact details
  • Declaration of fitness to work in the CLF environment - Any health conditions, e.g. allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, that could adversely affect their own or others~~ safety at work
  • Confirmation/completion of Safety training

Safety training

Before working on any of the lasers, all users must have passed the safety tests within the past year. This will be verified as part of the registration process.

To access the tests you will require an STFC account. Please contact the CLF Use​r Office to obtain a user name and password.

To facilitate registration please complete the tests before coming to the CLF.


Contact: CLF User Office