Scitech Precision Ltd
08 Dec 2016



Scitech Precision Ltd was setup in 2009 capitalising on several decades of accumulated CLF expertise in the fabrication of specialist micro-targets for high power laser experiments.

Scitech Precision



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The CLF benefits from a dedicated team of scientists and engineers that produces high-quality microtargets for experiments on Vulcan and Astra Gemini. This capability, almost unique among high-power laser facilities, allows the user community to maximise the science it can achieve.

As the relationship between the target fabrication group and the user community evolved, demand grew for the group’s capabilities to be used in support of experiments on laser systems throughout the world. A spin-out company was set up to supply these facilities, providing extra staff resources and exploiting the economic opportunity provided.

Starting with no external funding in 2009, Scitech Precision has grown to support more than 50 experiments per year, employing two full time members of staff. The company has also developed exciting, new production technologies that are available for use by STFC. Its work has enabled leading-edge science to be carried out at international facilities such as LULI in France, Gekko in Japan and LCLS in the USA. Experiments at the National Ignition Facility in the USA have used Scitech components.

Scitech’s recent acquisition of Colsicoat, an optical coatings company, has added phase plates and anti-reflection coatings to its portfolio. The unique linking of targets and optical components has led to the growth of the customer base, with the number of contracts increasing year on year. The ongoing development of novel technologies is allowing Scitech to enter other markets in precision engineering and science, in addition to its core business aim of supply the world’s best precision microtargets.

Contact: Spindloe, Christopher (STFC,RAL,CLF)