Principal Investigator, Senior Link Scientist at Octopus
(01235) 446260
RAL, R92, G.24


Principal Investigator & Senior Scientific Staff​
Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol

Research Interests

Development of quantum technologies for biological sciences.
DNA damage induction by multiphoton process in live cells to mimic the effects of ionising radiation and subsequent repair studies by fluorescent protein detection.
Characteristics of mTOR signalling using advanced imaging, spectroscopy and time resolved.
Optical proteomics technology: Development of advanced microscopy including multiphoton microscopy, fluorescence anisotropy imaging, phosphorescence (PLIM) and Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) for detection of small biomolecules in cells and protein-protein interactions.


Honorary Professorship Oxford Brookes University

MSc (University of Bristol, Advanced Analytical Chemistry)

PhD (University of Leicester, ‘Characteristics of DNA Damage by ultra-soft X-rays and Upon Photoionization’)

Research Fellowship, Harvard Medical School, USA

Membership of International Societies

Awards and Honours

Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (Elected)
Member of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
ICRR President Young Investigator Award
ARR President Young Investigator Award
Elected Full member, Radiation Research Society, USA
Full member, Association of Radiation Research, UK
Visiting Professor, Oxford Brookes University, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) Council of Trustees and Board member
Guy Foundation Family Scientific Advisory Board member
Editorial Board Member for MDPI-Instruments
EPSRC Associate College Membership

Current work

Stan joined the LSF group within the CLF department in 1998 as the Laser Microscopy and Imaging Facility Manager and Biosciences Lead. His research has centred on the development and scientific application of lasers to biology and medicine. He has developed novel laser applications including an ultrafast laser microbeam for cellular DNA damage and repair studies, advanced imaging instrumentation and spectroscopy including Multiphoton Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM), the development of new probes for cellular imaging, studies on cancer protein interactions and a principal and co-investigator on several Research Council Grants as well as several patents. Has over 130 peer reviewed publications.