CLF Talking Science! The Magic of Laser Levitation
28 Apr 2023



On Friday 19 May 2023 (13:30 and 19:00), with Dr Andy Ward. Don't miss out!

Dr Andy Ward and an Optically trapped particle

​​Dr Andy Ward and a levitating droplet​


In this talk, Andy will explore the science of using laser beams to capture and levitate a range of microscopic particles; from mimicking droplets in clouds, studying pollution, sorting through bacteria, tearing apart oil droplets and building microstructures in air. Even though it sounds like the work of science fiction, but Andy will cover, in simple terms, how the photons in a laser beam can exert enough force to hold microdroplets and bacteria. In a world of climate change, pollution and the airborne transmission of virus there are many benefits to this exciting area of research.

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Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)