Target Area Petawatt (TAP)
19 Jan 2010





Target Area Petawatt


TAP is configured for delivering the highest intensity using an F3 focusing optic, achieving intensities of up to 1021 W/cm2. Pulse length and energies are configurable from sub-ps to tens of ps on request. On-shot diagnostics include near and far field images, energy, spectrometer, autocorrelator and contrast diode, .

Pulse configurations are available with configurable pre- or post-pulses, dual pulses etc.

In addition to the short pulse beamline, a single standard long pulse beam is available with pulse lengths from 0.5 ns up to 8 ns and energy from 50 J per beam up to 300 J per beam depending on operational pulse length. Under request, the temporal shape of the pulse can be modified, and conversion into second harmonic is available. The standard jitter between the long pulses and the short pulses is around 150 ps.

Contact: Clarke, Rob (STFC,RAL,CLF)