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28 Jan 2010



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Tolley Martin 10EC3045.jpg

Martin Tolley

Target Fabrication Grou​p Leader. Martin h​as held a permanent position in CLF since 2001 developing the group's capabilities across a​n integrated range of microfabricat​ion techniques. His research interest include next generation targetry types and disruptive high repetition rate targetry solutions.​

+44 (0) 1235 446 868

Spindloe Chris 10EC2924.jpg

Chris Spindloe

Chris has worked in the laser target field since 2003. He is the program manager for the delivery of targets to the CLF high power laser experiments and also for the delivery of targets to the academic access program on the Orion laser at AWE. He has an interest in thin film coating, precision assembly, micro-engineering and the metrology of sub millimetre components. His current research interests are high rep rate target solutions and developing novel targets for studying matter under extreme conditions. ​

+44 (0) 1235 446 357
​​Haddock David 12EC1067.jpg
David Haddock

Micro-target scientist, responsible for planning Target Fabrication support for Vulcan and Gemini experiments including research and development into new target and characterisation technologies, Dave has taken particular interest in Diamond-Like Carbon ​and its characterisation which is a promising Ion-acceleration target at ultra-low thicknesses.  

+44 (0) 1235 446 909

Donna Wyatt.jpg

Donna Wyatt

Senior Micro-target Fabricator: Donna's main area of expertise lies in the production of multi component Micro Targets and ultra-thin materials. She is responsible for supporting visiting laser scientists in Vulcan and Astra Gemini providing them with Targets and materials they need to carry out their experiments. 

+44 (0) 1235 445 207

Ian East 10EC2939.jpg
Ian East

Senior Micro-target fabricator: Ian has extensive micro-assembly gained through many years of manual assembly of complex targets. He deliveres experiments target requirements and carries out thin film coatings and clean room paricle counts day-to-day.

+44 (0) 1235 445 399

Astbury Sam 15EC1939.jpg
Sam Astbury

Sam is an MSc in Fusion Energy graduate working on developing microtarget technologies for the Target Fabrication Group since October 2013. Primarily Sam focusses on the manufacture and characterisation of cryogenic hydrogen targets for ultraintense laser experiments, as well as research into gas fill targets.

+44 (0) 1235 446 569

​​​Irving Sam 19EC2620.jpg
Sam Irving

Sam is a Chemistry graduate with expertise in poly​mers. He is the group's materials scientist, with a particular focus on foams and low density targets.​

+44 (0) 1235 445415

Chung Churk 19EC3412.jpg
Churk Chung

Churk is a sandwich student who is currently studying mechanical engineering at Imperial College London. Primarily, Churk is responsible for maintaining and operating the group’s 3D printer, designing and producing jigs and components used to manufacture targets.​
Niamh Fagan Organagram picture.jpg
Niamh Fagan​

Niamh is a sandwich student who is currently studying materials science and engineering at Swansea University. Niamh is responsible for a project researching into nanowire laser targets as well as assisting with other materials related work with​in the department.​