Network Services
05 Mar 2010



Internet access and telephony, on-site library services




Wireless network access

Eduroam is available on campus.  Alternatively, your local facility contact can arrange guest wifi access.

You will not be able to connect laptops or PCs that you bring with you to the wired lab network.


Users may use the office and laboratory telephones to make work-related telephone calls within the UK.  Permission must be obtained from a staff member before making international work-related calls. 

Most Rutherford Appleton Laboratory telephone numbers can be called directly from off site by dialling 01235 44 or 01235 56 followed by the extension number. Extension numbers beginning with '8' are accessed by dialling 01235 77 followed by the extension number.

Library & Information Services

Users may use the library, which is situated beside the R1 coffee room, in building R61 - the bridge between R1 and R25.  It is open 24 hours a day and staffed between 08.30 and 17.00 Monday to Thursday and 08.30 and 16.00 on Friday.  Users wishing to borrow books and journals must first register with the library staff.​​

Contact: CLF User Office