Time-Resolved Multiple-Probe Spectroscopy (TRMPS)
22 Feb 2010







A step-change in capability enabling scientists to interrogate the structural dynamics of small quantities of precious samples with unprecedented detail.

What is TRMPS?

TRMPS is a femtosecond to millisecond pump-probe-probe-probe… spectrometer.

This technique is made available by synchronizing two of Ultra's regenerative amplifiers operating at different repetition rates. It can be performed using the 10 kHz (probe) and 1 kHz (pump) amplifiers or on LIFEtime​ using the 100 kHz Pharos lasers; with the latter option the pump-repetition rate can be varied.

TRMPS uses a lower repetition rate (UV to NIR wavelength) tuneable ultrafast light pulse to trigger (pump) photochemical or physical changes in a sample and then probes the progress of molecular reaction using the higher repetition rate probe laser, creating a pump,​ probe, probe, probe... pulse scheme.

The technique can provide essential insights in the design of molecular devices, the propagation of disease (including cancer and Alzheimer’s), cell signalling pathways and DNA damage-repair mechanisms.


Schematic of the Ultra ​​​TRMPS laser triggering arrangement when using the 10 kHz and 1 kHz regenerative amplifiers.​

Selected recent publications

Contact: Greetham, Greg (STFC,RAL,CLF)