Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
03 Feb 2010







Resonance Raman spectroscopy measures resonance-enhanced Raman spectra. This resonance-enhancement enables chromophores within molecules to be targeted with molecular specificity, by tuning the Raman pump pulse onto an electronic transition of the sample.  The apparatus has a ca 2 ps time resolution with > 10 cm-1 spectral resolution.  The ULTRA OPAs allow independent tuning of the pump and probe beams from the UV to near-IR.

The figure shows a typical layout for a time-resolved Raman spectroscopy experiment, with OPAs driven by the 800 nm output (red) of a titanium sapphire amplifier.  The pump laser (blue) initiates a change within the sample, the dynamics of which are probed by a second time delayed beam (green) “probe” beam. Raman scatter (green dotted line) from the sample is collected and directed to the spectrometer with CCD detector. A Kerr gate​​ system driven by a time delayed third beam from the laser output can be used to remove fluorescence background from the Raman signal.


Contact: Towrie, Mike (STFC,RAL,CLF)