Ultra Facility Overview
14 Jul 2020







Sci-Areas-Pie-Chart.pngUltra delivers 60 weeks of access to academic users each year approved through independent peer review by the Facility Access Panel (FAP). The peer review process ensures scientific excellence and potential for impact. There are additional weeks of access time available for industry users.

Pubs-Pie-Chart.pngImpact in science research

Ultra has an excellent track record in scientific outputs. Metrics from the past three years:

  • Delivered 65 user experiments, with 180 weeks of academic and 14 weeks of commercial access, across a range of science areas
  • Supported 27 academic user groups, holding £40M grant funding
  • 20% of experiments from international principal and co-investigators
  • An access application over-subscription rate of 2:1
  • Produced 69 peer reviewed papers, with 25% in high-impact (IF>10) journals including Nature Chemistry, Nature Catalysis, Nature Communications, Journal of the American Chemical Society and Chemical Society Reviews.
  • Contributed to 28 PhD theses
  • Supported six one-year placements students, all of whom have gone on to undertake PhDs

Type-Pie-Chart.pngImpact in industry

Industrial access is arranged by the CLF’s Industrial Partnerships and Innovation Group. They seek parties who will benefit from access to instruments and expertise not otherwise available in the UK, particularly at an early feasibility stage.  The Ultra Facility is generating impact through underpinning research and development.

The Ultra Facility team

Ultra has a team who support ​user operations and development of the facilities.  Skills include wide laser and spectroscopy expe​rtise, extensive research knowledge across many science areas, business and industry coordination, and project management and leadership.

ULTRA overview team.png

Contact: Greetham, Greg (STFC,RAL,CLF)