Vulcan Publications
19 Sep 2017



Recent publications from the Vulcan laser facility





AS Martynenko, SA Pikuz, IY Skobelev, SN Ryazantsev, CD Baird, N Booth, LNK Döhl, P Durey, AY Faenov, D Farley, R Kodama, K Lancaster, P McKenna, CD Murphy, C Spindloe, TA Pikuz, N Woolsey

Optimization of a laser plasma-based x-ray source according to WDM absorption spectroscopy requirements

Matter and Radiation at Extremes, 6, 14405 (2021)

H Ahmed, P Hadjisolomou, K Naughton, A Alejo, S Brauckmann, G Cantono, S Ferguson, M Cerchez, D Doria, J Green, D Gwynne, T Hodge, D Kumar, A Macchi, R Prasad, O Willi, M Borghesi, S Kar

High energy implementation of coil-target scheme for guided re-acceleration of laser-driven protons

Scientific Reports, 11, 699 (2021)

C Hyland, S White, B Kettle, R Irwin, D Bailie, M Yeung, G Williams, R Heathcote, I East, C Spindloe, M Notley, D Riley

Measurements of free-free absorption in warm dense aluminium

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 63, 74003 (2021)

P Chaudhary, G Milluzzo, H Ahmed, B Odlozilik, A McMurray, KM Prise, M Borghesi

Radiobiology Experiments With Ultra-high Dose Rate Laser-Driven Protons: Methodology and State-of-the-Art

Frontiers in Physics, 9, 624963 (2021)

P Bradford, A Dearling, M Ehret, L Antonelli, N Booth, DC Carroll, RJ Clarke, K Glize, R Heathcote, M Khan, JD Moody, S Pikuz, BB Pollock, MP Read, S Ryazantsev, C Spindloe, CP Ridgers, JJ Santos, VT Tikhonchuk, NC Woolsey

Measuring magnetic fields in laser-driven coils with dual-axis proton deflectometry

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 63, 84008 (2021)

A Higginson, R Wilson, J Goodman, M King, RJ Dance, NMH Butler, CD Armstrong, M Notley, DC Carroll, Y Fang, XH Yuan, D Neely, RJ Gray, P McKenna

Influence of target-rear-side short scale length density gradients on laser-driven proton acceleration

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 63, 114001 (2021)

CD Armstrong, D Neely, D Kumar, P McKenna, RJ Gray, AS Pirozhkov

Deconvolution of multi-Boltzmann x-ray distribution from linear absorption spectrometer via analytical parameter reduction

Review of Scientific Instruments, 92, 113102 (2021)

A Martynenko, I Skobelev, S Pikuz, S Ryazantsev, C Baird, N Booth, L Doehl, P Durey, D Farley, R Kodama, K Lancaster, P McKenna, C Murphy, C Spindloe, T Pikuz, N Woolsey

Determining the short laser pulse contrast based on X-Ray emission spectroscopy

High Energy Density Physics, 38, 100924 (2021)


F Bisesto, M Galletti, A Curcio

Zemax ray tracing model for plasma waveguides

Laser Physics Letters, 17, 36001 (2020)

S Passalidis, OC Ettlinger, GS Hicks, NP Dover, Z Najmudin, EP Benis, E Kaselouris, NA Papadogiannis, M Tatarakis, V Dimitriou

Hydrodynamic computational modelling and simulations of collisional shock waves in gas jet targets

High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 8, e7 (2020)

V Scuderi, G Milluzzo, D Doria, A Alejo, A Amico, N Booth, G Cuttone, J Green, S Kar, G Korn, G Larosa, R Leanza, P Martin, P McKenna, H Padda, G Petringa, J Pipek, L Romagnani, F Romano, A Russo, F Schillaci, G Cirrone, D Margarone, M Borghesi

TOF diagnosis of laser accelerated, high-energy protons

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 978, 164364 (2020)

P Bradford, MP Read, M Ehret, L Antonelli, M Khan, N Booth, K Glize, D Carroll, R Clarke, R Heathcote, S Ryazantsev, S Pikuz, C Spindloe, JD Moody, BB Pollock, VT Tikhonchuk, CP Ridgers, JJ Santos, NC Woolsey

Proton deflectometry of a capacitor coil target along two axes

High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 8, e11 (2020)

Contact: Green, James (STFC,RAL,CLF)