Vulcan and Target Fabrication Receive HPLSE "Excellent Article" Awards
09 Jan 2024



We are delighted to share that, back in Autumn, three CLF papers won Excellent Article awards for the 10th Anniversary of High Power Laser Science and Engineering (HPLSE).​

5 people stand on a stage decorated with blue HPLSE signage stage. 4 of the 5 are holding trophies. Pedro is in the middle.



5 people stand on a stage decorated with blue HPLSE signage stage. 4 of the 5 are holding trophies. Pedro is in the middle. 

Taken during the acceptance of the Excellent Article prize for "EMP control and characterization on high-power laser systems”. Pedro Oliveira is pictured in the centre of the group of collaborators. 

The first paper, written by scientists and technicians from Vulcan and Target Fabrication as part of a global collaboration, is called “EMP control and characterization on high-power laser systems”.
Published in 2018, this paper described research from Vulcan that demonstrated a way to effectively reduce EMPs during high power laser and solid target interactions. This paper was also selected for the Journal’s front cover and Editors Pick at time of release.

The second paper, “Ultra-broadband all-OPCPA petawatt facility fully based on LBO”, was a paper published in 2020 by a host of CLF authors. This paper was also selected for Editor’s Pick and described the techniques behind Vulcan’s brand new VOPPEL upgrade.

The final paper receiving the award was “Laser produced electromagnetic pulses: generation, detection and mitigation” which is an up-to-date review published in 2020 of the problems related to the generation, detection and mitigation of strong electromagnetic pulses created in high power lasers in some experiments. This comprehensive review set the basis for developing techniques to mitigate the electromagnetic threat and to harness electromagnetic emissions, which may have promising applications. In addition to the award, the paper was also selected as Editor’s Pick and featured on the front cover at time of publishing.

The recognition received through HPLSE’s Excellent Articleawards attest to these three papers’ enduring impact . Additionally, they help gain well-deserved recognition for the many CLF authors who contributed, including Pedro Oliveira, who accepted the award for the first paper on behalf of the CLF, and the late great Prof. David Neely, who sadly passed away in 2020 and is named on two of three papers.

Congratulations to all the CLF Staff and Users who were involved in the planning, delivery and analysis of these three fantastic articles.​

Contact: Towrie, Helen (STFC,RAL,CLF)